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Energy Management

Energy Efficiency

Regulatory Support

SEM acts as agent for BC Industrial and Commercial users in acquiring energy at low cost and high reliability in the open marketplace. SEM will design and issue RFPs for supply, work with the client in selecting a provider(s) based on client requirements, review and negotiate contract language and monitor performance after award. In addition SEM provides nomination and balancing service and asset management where required. Because SEM is not a vendor, the client can be assured of unbiased recommendations and peace of mind in the knowledge SEM is looking out for their best interests.

SEM will work with both clients and utilities in designing programmes to ensure the most effiicient use of available energy sources. Whether designing a DSM program for an energy sector or working with a specific client on a plant audit, SEM will bring more than 25 years in industry to bear on the problem. Where appropriate, SEM will partner with other select ESCOs to provide a customized energy solution.

SEM has provided regulatory support to industry in various utility hearings to ensure economical and reliable access to energy supplies both through the delivering utility and in the open market. Whether as an active intervenor or in support of legal counsel, SEM will bring years of experience in supply acquisition, utility rate making, transportation and balancing to advocate the client's position. In addition, SEM participates in and advocates for customers in a variety of shipper and customer utility task forces.

Sentinel Energy Management Inc.

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